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We Love Technology!

Technology has literally revolutionized our business and industry over the last 20 years:

We constantly look for new technologies that provide for improvements in roofing, service, safety, communication, quality, efficiency — virtually every aspect of our business.

New Roof Systems

Roofing advancements in the last 20 years have provided for more options, higher quality, longer roof life, and easier installation. Whether you need something simple and affordable to last another 10 years of occupancy, or you’re interested in helping your business save on energy use over the next 30 years, we have a solution for your building.

Our Fleet of Drones

While in most cases we perform on-site roof inspections, our fleet of drones has greatly reduced the overall time it takes to complete an inspection. If you have a property with 10 buildings that would normally take a whole day to inspect, we can often perform a manual inspection on one building, and capture detailed photos and video from a drone “fly by” on the others, cutting the overall inspection time down to 1-2 hours.

We also use drones to monitor progress and safety throughout the duration of large jobs. It’s worth noting that any manual work we can otherwise perform with drones is generally safer, with no one ever climbing a ladder or setting foot on the roof.

Our Mobile App

We’ve built a custom, in-house mobile application (operated from iPhones, Android & tablets) to perform a variety of inspections to monitor safety, quality, progress and many other aspects of each job.

To learn more about our app, have a look at our Lightning App Page.

Information & Software Systems

We strive to serve our customers the best we can, and as quickly as possible.

With thousands of customers and jobs across the country, we have a great deal of information to manage — inspections, reports, roof plans, production, management, safety, training, warranties, customer correspondence, sales, accounting, billing etc.

Whether scheduling a repair or sending a report that details the cause of a leak, we continuously work on improving our information and software for increased efficiency, automated data entry, easier access and higher quality of information.

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